Red Dirt Tractors and Mahindra Tractors in Alexandria Louisiana brings you these newest Mahindra Tough Cab Tractor, Open Station Tractor and Backhoe Tractor Workhorses to include all of our monthly Mahindra Specials!


Mahindra Tractors are built to help you get your jobs done without the DEF or DPF systems and NO REGENS or Downtime!

Red Dirt Tractors is your #1 Volume Mahindra Tractor & Roxor HDUV full service dealer and we offer our everydaylow volume prices on fresh new Mahindra Tractors without any gimmicks, tricks, hidden cost or prep fees!

Don’t accept misinformed information, verify it for yourself!

If you need to bundle your Tractor needs with Implements and/or a Trailer, we have those deals too!

Browse our complete and extensive full line of in-stock Mahindra Tractors on our Sales Lot at your convenience without any pressure.

Mahindra Tractors do not use the DEF (blue additive) or a DPF (expensive particulate filter), both of those systems are computer controlled systems with Regens/Engine Burnouts that rob your HP, but with a Mahindra Tractor you simply put your diesel in the Tractor and perform your regular maintenance, that’s it! You don’t have to spend lots of money to get more and do more with a Mahindra Tractor! THE REAL WORKHORSE WITHOUT THE DOWNTIME!

Mahindra Tractors is the home of the included 7 year Powertrain Warranties, patent protected engines, cast iron powertrains and steel bodies!

We also stock pre-owned Tractors, Implements, Trailers and we accept Trades too.

Customer Notice: Mahindra Warranty, Repair and Service work of all Mahindra Tractors are a requirement of all Authorized Mahindra Dealers, regardless of the point of purchase. DON’T ACCEPT ANY OTHER EXPLANATION!!

If you need a quote, just let us know. All of your equipment can be financed based on Mahindra Financing Low Rates and Cash Prices, wac. We can arrange nationwide delivery as well.

All manufactures represented reserve the right to change prices and/or interest rates at will.

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