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      All Mahindra UTV’s will Out-Pull & Out-Haul any other UTV on the market and they are backed by the best Mahindra 3 Year Powertrain Warranty, creating the best All American Made Utility Vehicles, there just isn’t any better deal!
      You pick out the UTV of your choice that best fits your style and needs, then let Red Dirt Tractors do the rest! We can accessorize your choice of UTV with a full line of Mahindra Accessories and various UTV Bed Styles.
    • Limited Edition! -->

      2018 Mahindra 1000 Retriever Diesel Flex Hauler UTV
      Standard features include 12” Ground Clearance, Electric Tilt Bed, 2/4WD Control, Differential Lock, 2” F&R Receiver Hitch, LED Lighting, 3 Seater with 3 Seat Belts, Independent Adjustable Suspension, Gear Driven, Split Lexan Windshield & Roof.*

      MSRP $19,831
      Red Dirt Sale Price $17,060

      *Qualify's for the Mahindra Rebate of $400 after sale.
      *Sale Price excludes TT&L

    • 2018 750 Gas Base Bed UTV
      MSRP $13,299.
      Red Dirt Sale Price $12,127
    • 2018 750 Gas Standard Bed UTV
      MSRP $14,799.
      Red Dirt Sale Price $12,765.
    • 2018 750 Gas Flexhauler Bed UTV
      MSRP $15,299.
      Red Dirt Sale Price $13,800.
    • 2018 750 Gas Long Bed UTV
      MSRP $17,399.
      Red Dirt Sale Price $13,950.
    • 2018 1000 Diesel Standard Bed UTV
      MSRP $17,799.
      Sale Price $15,982
    • 2018 1000 Diesel Long Bed UTV
      MSRP $20,399.
      Red Dirt Sale Price $17,200
    • Customer Notes:

      • These Models are all Single Cab 3 Seaters in various colors. 
      • All Diesels are equipped with Power Steering.
      • Every Model priced comes with Roof & Split Windshields
      • EMT & EVAC Units are available upon request for Long Beds.
      • Prices exclude applicable Taxes, that are based on your DL address.
      • Every UTV sale qualifies for a $400 Mahindra Rebate.
      • Mahindra Finance is available, offering 7 year with Zero down financing to qualified buyers.
      Come on out and test drive any of the Mahindra UTV’s that Red Dirt Tractors has on our Lot. 
      Let’s make it simple, if you can find a better ALL American Made quality product with a better warranty, service and price than that provided by Red Dirt Tractors, then buy it!