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    • Red Dirt Tractors Hot Clearances 

      These Demo Tractors were used for onsite Demo Promotional Activities, still have their warranties. These Demo units are limited and available on first come, first serve basis. Each unit is serviced, cleaned and fully equipped to roll out with you! These Tractors qualify for 7 year & Zero Down Financing to qualified buyers.
      MAX 26XL (26HP), HST, Loader/Bucket, Ind Tires $14,700.

      1538 (38Hp), HST, Loader/Bucket, AG Tires $20,875.

      4540 (40Hp), Gear, Loader/Bucket, Ind Tires $20,500.

      5570 (70Hp), Shuttle, Loader/Bucket, Ind Tires $30,600.
      Pictures of these like Tractors can be located on our Tractor page on the Navigation Bar located above.
    • Woods BW180 15’ Batwing

      Woods BW180 15’ Batwing, complete, never used, Foam Filled Aircraft Tires, 6 year warranty -  $14,950

    • Mahindra 15’ HD Flex Wing

      Mahindra 15’ HD Flex Wing, complete, never used, Foam Filled Aircraft Tires, 5 year warranty - $13,200.